High quality carburizing agent in steel making

Unit Price: RMB 2600.0000 - 2800.0000 / Ton
Payment Type: T/T
Incoterm: FOB
Min. Order: 1 Ton
Delivery Time: 5 Days

Basic Info

Type: Graphite Electrodes

Composition: Clay

Carbon Content: High-Carbon

Grade: Industrial Grade

Forming Way: Extruded Graphite

Crystal Morphology: Aphanitic Graphite

Size: 25kg/bag

Additional Info

Packaging: Woven bag

Brand: Yifeng Ruida

Transportation: Land

Place of Origin: Ningxia

Supply Ability: 6000t

Port: Tianjin

Product Description

1.Product Introduction

   Carburizing agent, there are many kinds of raw materials, production processes are different. It has wood carbon, carbon coal, coke, and graphite type in which various categories and a lot of small types. High quality carburizing agent generally refers to after graphite carburant. Under the high temperature, the carbon atoms arranged in graphite morphology,so called for graphitization. graphitization can reduce the content of impurities in the carburant, increase carbon content and reduce sulfur content.It used for casting steel and iron. With high carbon and low sulfur, low water content and low cost characters.


At present, there are 3 kinds of commonly used carburetant:

First, graphite powder,  which is a vacuum powder by graphite electrode processing.

Second, after petroleum coke, which is used in some domestic steel plant to make of carburizing agent.

Third is the graphitized petroleum coke, which is also used as recarburizer in steel making.   

Induction furnace carburizing; cupola furnace carburizing; double process carburizing; furnace ladle with the current carburizing



   Take the Taixi anthracite into the graphite furnace, in accordance with the power curve send to the furnace power, under the high temperature of 800 DEG --1350 DEG C,it occurs a series of physical and chemical reactions, and discharge the sulfur content, moisture, volatile, ash and other impurities, and then cooling, crushing,  packaging and storage according to the size requirements of service.

The raw materials from the top into the tank feeding device during the calcination, in the process of moving from the top to down,it  being located  by tank fire on both sides of the heating. The heat in the combustion is generated by the fire wall directly to the raw materials. When  the raw materials` temperature reached 350~600 degrees,the large number of volatiles released through volatilization. Then collected and sent to the burning fire lane. The volatile combustion is another source of heat pot calciner. Raw temperature after above1200 to 1300 DEG C`s incineration, it completes a series of physical and chemical changes, then from the bottom of the material tank into the water cooling, and finally discharged outside the furnace  by the feeding device .

The carburizing agent after the calcination, then after cooling and into the roll crusher, sorting, crushing, in order the  granularity reached: 0--1mm, 1--3mm, 3--5mm, 5--8mm, 8--10mm, 10--25mm, etc., and then packaging according to different needs of customers.  

4.Transportation and package

   Woven bag, lined with plastic film bags, each 25kg can also be packaged according to customer demand.

   The product should be placed in a cool and dry place during storage, transport process, prevent and hard material mixed, to prevent carbon particles broken, affecting the quality of packaging to prevent breakage. To avoid leakage or mixed with debris, water, oil and fire.

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