Quartz Powder

1. Product Introduction

Quartz powder (as quartz sand) also called silicon powder. The main chemical composition is SiO2, the content can reach 85 ~ 95%. It is non-toxic, tasteless, non-polluting inorganic non-metal functional filler.Quartz powder is made of natural quartz or quartz by crushing, milling, flotation, acid pickling, water treatment and other process to make the powder. It has excellent dielectric properties, low thermal expansion coefficient, high thermal conductivity, good performance and other advantages.


2. Product characteristics

a. Excellent electrical insulation performance

b. Good fluidity with grain type obtuse angle.

c. High purity (high content of SiO2, low content of iron, potassium, sodium, aluminum, etc.)

d. Stability of chemical properties.

e. Special machinery control production, particle size distribution stability.

f. High white.

g. High hardness, good wear resistance.


3. Application

According to the grade, silicon powder can be divided into ordinary silicon powder, electrical grade silicon powder, electronic grade silicon powder, fused silica powder, superfine silicon powder, spherical silicon powder.

a. Ordinary silica powder

The Ordinary silica powder main used for epoxy resin pouring materials, potting materials, protective layer for welding electrodes, metal casting, ceramics, silicone rubber, coating and other chemical industry.

b. Electrical grade silicon micro-powder

The product main used for insulating pouring of ordinary electrical parts, insulating pouring of high voltage electrical apparatus, APG process injection material, epoxy potting material, high grade ceramic glaze, etc..

c. Electronic grade silicon powder

The main application is used for IC, electronic components of plastic packaging materials and packaging materials.

d. Fused silica powder

The product main used for large scale integrated circuits, such as plastic molding compound, epoxy castable, potting material, and other chemical fields.

e. Superfine silicon powder

The superfine silicon powder main used in coatings, paints, engineering plastics, adhesives, silicone rubber, precision casting, advanced ceramics.

f. "Spherical" silica powder

The product main used in coatings, epoxy flooring, silicone rubber, etc., it greatly reducing the cost, and significantly improving the processing performance of mixed materials.


4. Package and transportation

Woven bag, lined with plastic film bags, each 20kg can also be packaged according to customers demand, the product should be placed in a cool and dry place in storage. When transportation, the product should prevent from mixing with hard material, prevent breakage, leakage or mixed with debris that affecting the quality. Far away water soaking, oil and fire.









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