Coconut Shell Activated Carbon

1. Product Introduction

   Coconut shell activated carbon as coconut shell the raw materials, by the process of carbonization and activation. It`s appearance is black, granular, with  well-developed porous structure, high adsorption rate, short adsorption cycle, low impurities, good surface clean degree, high wear resistance strength,uniform particle size, rounded corners and other characteristics.

2. Application

a.Coconut shell activated carbon is widely used in drinking water, industrial circulating water, power plant boiler circulating water, electronic industry; also has a good effect in beverage, food industry, water purification treatment and high pure water purification.

b.Coconut shell activated carbon used for gold mine, heap leaching of gold industry; with good abrasion resistance, high adsorption, long use time and characteristics.It has good effect for the pure water purification; also is the  ideal material in beverage,beer and water purification industry.

c.Coconut shell activated carbon used for chemical, petrochemical, coking, gas separation; recycling and purifying  sulfur dioxide,chlorobenzene,octane,triethylamine, two methyl benzene,cyclohexane,methyl ether, hydrogen bromide, carbon disulfide, vinyl chloride, methanol, acetone and other industrial gases in environmental protection industries. It applied to the carrier of oil refinery alkali free mercaptan type I industrial catalyst (sulfonated cobalt phthalocyanine or poly cobalt phthalocyanine).

3.Transportation and Packaging 

a.Coconut shell granular activated carbon in the transportation, to prevent mixing with hard materials, can not step with the foot, in order to prevent carbon particles broken, affecting quality. 

b.Coconut shell granular activated carbon`s storage should be stored in porous adsorbent, so in transportation, storage and use process, we must prevent water immersion, because water immersion, a lot of water is full of active void, which make it lose function. 

c.Coconut shell granular activated carbon should prevent tar in the use of substances; tar substances should be prohibited into the activated carbon bed that leading loses adsorption. 

d.Coconut shell granular activated carbon should be far away from fire in storage or transportation; to prevent direct contact with fire, in case of fire. Activated carbon regeneration to avoid oxygen when regeneration;after regeneration steam cooling must be reduced to below 80 DEG C, or high temperature, with oxygen, activated carbon can combustion. 

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