1. Product Introduction

Ningxia Taixi anthracite lump coal with high volatile, low yield, high density, high hardness, high burning point, not smoking during burning. It is black and hard, metallic luster. The friction caused by grease or fracture into a shell, burning with short flame and less smoke. No coking, carbon content is above 90%, the volatile matter below 10%. No plastic layer thickness. Calorific value is about 7000-8000 kcal / kg. Sometimes called the large volatile matter content as semi- Anthracite, the small  volatile matter content called high anthracite. Anthracite is divided into different types: powdered coal, one-two coal, two-five coal, three-eight coal, middle carbon and large carbon, which according to the customers` different boilers, different using methods applied for the recommendation and reduce the costs of the species.

2. The characteristics of anthracite

a. The comparison of carbon content: Biomass boiler fuel particles contain less carbon, carbon content is only about 50%, compared with coal-fired boiler, the calorific value is low.

b. The comparison of hydrogen: Biomass boiler fuel particle hydrogen content slightly more volatile significantly more biomass in most carbon and hydrogen combine into low molecular hydrocarbons, to a certain temperature, after thermal decomposition and devolatilization of biomass fuel, it is easy to ignite.

c.The comparison of oxygen content. Biomass boiler fuel particles contain more oxygen, its oxygen content is significantly more than coal, which makes the calorific value of biomass fuel is low.

d. The comparison of density: Biomass fuel density significantly lower than the coal, the texture is loose, easy to burn, carbon residue in ash carbon is less in the carbon content.

e. The comparison of fuel sulfur: The low sulfur content of biomass fuel is mostly less than 0.12%, and the desulfurization device is not necessary for the boiler.

f. Biomass release of CO2 is very low, compared with coal-fired boiler, it can be considered CO2 emissions is zero.

g. Ash after burning biomass can be fertilizer, recycling use, while fossil fuel coal is difficult to achieve.

h. Biomass can be mixed with coal combustion to improve combustion efficiency.

i. The combustion of biomass can achieve biomass waste reduction, it is harmless and resource utilization.

3. The use of anthracite

Anthracite lump coal is main application in chemical fertilizer (nitrogen, ammonia), ceramic manufacturing industry, forging etc.;

a. Anthracite lump coal used for power generation in China: more than about 1/3 of coal used for power generation, the average coal consumption for power generation standard coal 370g/ (kW - H). Using the calorific value of coal power plant, the heat energy into electricity.

b. Anthracite lump coal used for steam locomotive: it accounts for about 2% with coal power, the steam boiler average coal consumption index for 100kg/ (km tons).

c. Anthracite lump coal used for building materials: coal power accounts for about more than l0%, with large amount of coal in cement, followed by glass, brick, tile and so on.

d. Anthracite lump coal used for general industrial boiler, the power plant boiler heating is large, the general enterprise and the industrial boiler  heating with various types, the amount of power coal accounted for about 30%.

e. Anthracite lump coal used for life heating: the number of coal used in life heating, about 20%.

4. Packaging and transportation

The goods ordered by the customer will load and test on the day, then sealing with qualified loading; the vehicle is affixed with a comprehensive seal. We prevent the phenomenon of stolen goods, exchange goods to ensure the safe arrival of goods during transportation.

In the use of coal, if any problems encountered, our company will arrange personnel to assist and solve the problems that reflected by customers, and adjustment the customer`s until the customer is satisfaction.

Ningxia high quality Taixi anthracite lump coal
Ningxia high quality Taixi anthracite lump coal
High quality taix Anthracite used in life coal
High quality taix Anthracite used in life coal

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