Granular Activated Carbon

1. Product introduction

Wood granule activated carbon with high quality fruit shell and sawdust as raw material. By the water vapor activation crumbs, refined, screening process. This product has developed gap, good adsorption properties, high strength, easy regeneration, economic and durable advantages. Wood granule activated carbon are mainly used for drinking water, pure water, tap water, wine, beverage purification, industrial water decolorization and so on. It also widely used in drinking water, industrial water depth purification and precious metal refining.

2. Application

a. Wood granule activated carbon used for sewage treatment plant exhaust adsorption, indoor formaldehyde, Xylene Adsorption, free chlorine in water, phenol, sulfur and other organic pollutants adsorption.

b. Wood granule activated carbon used for gas separation: for example, the recovery of benzene from city gas; recovery of gasoline from natural gas, propane and butane; for F-T synthesis gas, in order to recover these hydrocarbons.

c. Wood granule activated carbon used for liquid phase adsorption in the sugar industry to the sugar decolorization; purification of organic impurities in plating bath; to guarantee the quality of plating surface and for the removal of phenol.

d. Wood granule activated carbon used for petrochemical alkali free sweetening, solvent recovery (because activated carbon can be adsorbed organic solvents), chemical catalyst carrier, filter toxic cans, gold extraction;

e. Wood granule activated carbon used for chemical storage, exhaust purification, sugar, wine, medicine, food refining.

f. Wood granule activated carbon used for purification of automobile exhaust gas, ethylene desalted water packing, PTA oxidation unit.

3. Process

Wood granule activated carbon by carbonization, activation, crushing and ascreening process.

4. Transportation and Packing

Woven bag, lined with plastic film bags, each 25kg can also be packaged according to customer demand. The product should be placed in a cool and dry place during storage; When transportation, it prevents to mixed with hard materials, to prevent carbon particles broken that affecting the quality of packaging, to prevent breakage. To avoid leakage or mixed with debris; to avoid water, oil and fire.

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