Powdered Decolorizing Activated Carbon

1. Product Introduction

   The decolorizing powdered activated carbon with high quality anthracite as raw material, which is made by the process of carbonized, activated by steam, crushed and refined. It has well-developed pore structure, large specific surface area and strong adsorption capacity characteristics.

2. Application

a. Activated carbon used for water treatment

The decolorizing powdered activated carbon is widely used in water treatment because of its excellent pore structure and strong adsorption and decoloration ability.

b. Activated carbon for sugar, oil and other foods

The decolorizing powdered activated carbon with high specific surface area, strong adsorption capacity and stable performance index. The products are mainly used for deodorization in sugar, wine, oil, foods, citric acid, tartaric acid, chemical additives; high pigment solution fuel intermediate purification and deodorization; removing impurities and deodorization as powdered Caramel.  

c. Activated carbon for amino acids (MSG)  

The decolorizing powdered activated carbon has reasonable pore structure, large adsorption capacity, decolorizing ability, filtration speed, so it widely used in a variety of amino acid industry, such as monosodium glutamate deodorization, and other amino acids phenylalanine products purification, deodorization, cleaning and so on.

d. Activated carbon for injections and medicinal  

Injection carbon in high purity has less impurity, high filtration speed, excellent deodorization ability and purification performance, it mainly used in various pharmaceutical, pesticide, Chinese and Western medicine deodorization, refining and removing heat, antibiotics, hormones, vitamins and other types of drugs deodorization; but also for vitamins and other raw materials, intermediates deodorization and purification, and also has the absorption of intestinal bacteria, detoxification effect.

3. Process

   The production of decolorizing activated carbon is generally divided into two processes:

   The first step, carbonization, drying the material at 170 to 600 temperatures, and carbonization the same amount of 80%r organic tissue;  

The second step, put the carbonized material into the carbonization furnace, and reaction with activator and water vapor, then finished products. In the endothermic process, mainly produced Oxygen and hydrogen; carbonized material heated to proper temperature (800 to 1000 degrees ); it can remove all impurities and have rich pore structure and huge surface area, so the activated carbon has a strong adsorption power.

4. Transportation and packages

a. Packing: woven bags, lined with polyethylene plastic film, 25kg per bag;

b. Storage: the products should be stored in the indoor dry place, waterproof, moisture-proof, sunscreen, prevent packaging damage, affecting the adsorption effect; avoid mixing with oxidants.

c. As the dust concentration reaches a certain proportion, it is easy to happen inflame. Therefore, smoking, sparks and naked fire are forbidden when operations.

d. Because powdered carbon particles are small and light, dust pollution should be paid attention to when using, and operators should be equipped with dust masks to avoid inhalation into the lung.

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